Marvin: Semantic annotation using multiple knowledge sources

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    People are producing more written material then anytime in the history. The increase is so high that professionals from the various fields are no more able to cope with this amount of publications. Text mining tools can offer tools to help them and one of the tools that can aid information retrieval and information extraction is semantic text annotation. In this report we present Marvin, a text annotator written in Java, which can be used as a command line tool and as a Java library. Marvin is able to annotate text using multiple sources, including WordNet, MetaMap, DBPedia and thesauri represented as SKOS.
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    PublisherCornell University Press
    Publication statusPublished - 1 Feb 2016


    • cs.AI
    • cs.CL
    • D.3.2; K.2; H.2.4

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