Measurement of detector-corrected observables sensitive to the anomalous production of events with jets and large missing transverse momentum in pp collisions at s√=13s=13 TeV using the ATLAS detector

ATLAS Collaboration , Agni Bethani, Rafal Bielski, Ian Connelly, Brian Cox, Cinzia Da Via, Nicholas Dann, Giulio Forcolin, Alessandra Forti, Julia Iturbe Ponce, James Howarth, Frederick Loebinger, Stephen Marsden, Jiri Masik, Stephen Menary, Francisca Munoz Sanchez, Alexander Oh, Joleen Pater, Yvonne Peters, Rebecca PicklesAndrew Pilkington, Arnaud Pin, Darren Price, Yang Qin, John Raine, Jacob Rawling, Rhys Roberts, Schweiger H, Savanna Shaw, Lee Tomlinson, Stephen Watts, Fabian Wilk, Terence Wyatt

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

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