Meeting Bioenergy Targets with Reduced Imports

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    A Biomass Resource Model has been developed to capture and analyse the dynamics of biomass resource supply chains at various geographic scales. The Model is calibrated to reflect a series of realistic future scenarios in the UK and measure their impact on indigenous biomass availability for the bioenergy sector. A Food Focus Scenario is developed, where biomass availability is analysed within a potential future pathway of increased focus on food self-sufficiency and security. In addition an Energy Focus Scenario is developed where biomass availability is analysed within a potential future pathway where focus is placed on developing the bioenergy sector, improving energy security and meeting targets. Analysis results highlight the large potential of indigenous biomass in the UK. Also the specific variables and activities that most influence the availability of different biomass resources are explained. The analysis documents the abundance of different indigenous biomass resources, and highlights those whose availability is most robust to influence. Large indigenous resource availability is highlighted for grown, residue and waste biomass resource categories, dependant on future pathway actions and variables. This research aims to highlight the opportunities provided by indigenous resource to the bioenergy sector and the developers of energy strategies.
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    Publication statusPublished - Jul 2013
    Event21st European Biomass Conference and Exhibition - Bella Centre, Copenhagen
    Duration: 3 Jun 20137 Jun 2013


    Conference21st European Biomass Conference and Exhibition
    CityBella Centre, Copenhagen


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