Moral Intheses: Towards Conversational Ethics

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In search of a moral frame of reference that seeks to bypass the challenges of binary moral principles, I argue for a conversational ethical framework that de-emphasizes the negative borders of a relativistic-absolutist conception of morality in favour of positive moral intheses to create an inclusive moral framework. Here, I present the idea of Intheses as a philosophical building block that allows for the interaction of divergent moral principles to open up new moral vistas that are inclusive and capable of providing a grounding for indeterminate moral positions and non-human entities like robots and non-human animals. At the centre of my proposition for Conversational Ethics – hereafter ‘CE’ – is the prioritization of the nuanced contents and demands of morality within a given ethical context in arriving at moral judgments. My proposal will draw heavily on the works of the Calabar School of Philosophy, the leading proponents of conversational thinking to make a case for CE. Thus, drawing on the principles of conversationalism, I attempt to formulate the idea of CE grounded in the system of conversational thinking.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusUnpublished - 18 Jan 2023
EventPhilosophical Society of Southern Africa (PSSA) Annual Conference, January 16–18, 2023 - University of Johannesburg, Auckland Park, South Africa., Johannesburg, South Africa
Duration: 16 Jan 202318 Jan 2023


ConferencePhilosophical Society of Southern Africa (PSSA) Annual Conference, January 16–18, 2023
Abbreviated titlePSSA Conference 2023
Country/TerritorySouth Africa
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