No Point Talking

Geoffrey Ryman

Research output: Other contribution


‘No Point Talking ‘was an original short story written and read by me, commissioned by producer Nicola Swords to accompany the radio documentary Herland. The recording of my reading was broadcast the same day. The story is set in a near future. In order to capture the US Senate, conservatives have split the State of California in two. This yields two new conservatives in the US Senate – but also creates a northern enclave of progressivism – an unintentional feminist utopia. The narrator is a cantankerous man from Texas who finds everything about it ridiculous or threatening. Available on BBC iPlayer.

Original languageEnglish
TypeAudo fiction
Media of outputradio
PublisherBBC Radio
Publication statusPublished - 16 Jan 2016

Publication series

PublisherBBC Radio Four


  • Science-fiction, utopia, feminism, US politics


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