On differences of perfect powers and prime powers

Pedro-José Cazorla García

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Given a prime number $q$ and a squarefree integer $C_1$, we develop a method to explicitly determine the tuples $(y, n, \alpha)$ for which the difference $y^n-q^\alpha$ has squarefree part equal to $C_1$. Our techniques include the combination of the local information provided by Galois representations of Frey-Hellegouarch curves with the effective resolution of Thue-Mahler equations, as well as the use of improved lower bounds for $q-$adic and complex logarithms. As an application of this methodology, we will completely resolve the case when $1 \le C_1 \le 20$ and $ 2 \le q < 25$.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 15 Dec 2023


  • math.NT
  • 11D61 (primary)
  • 11D41, 11D59, 11F80, 11F11 (secondary)


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