On the density of exponential functionals of Lévy processes

J. C. Pardo, V. Rivero, K. Van Schaik

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    In this paper, we study the existence of the density associated with the exponential functional of the Lévy process ξ, (Equation presented) where eq is an independent exponential r.v. with parameter q ≥ 0. In the case where ξ is the negative of a subordinator, we prove that the density of Ieq, here denoted by k, satisfies an integral equation that generalizes that reported by Carmona et al. [7]. Finally, when q = 0, we describe explicitly the asymptotic behavior at 0 of the density k when ξ is the negative of a subordinator and at ∞ when ξ is a spectrally positive Lévy process that drifts to +∞. © 2013 ISI/BS.
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)1938-1964
    Number of pages26
    Issue number5 A
    Publication statusPublished - 2013


    • Exponential functional
    • Lévy processes
    • Self-similar Markov processes
    • Subordinators


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