Prevalence of pre-eclampsia and adverse pregnancy outcomes in women with pre-existing cardiomyopathy: a multi-centre retrospective cohort study

Laura Ormesher, Sarah Vause, Suzanne Higson, Anna Roberts, Bernard Clarke, Stephanie Curtis, Victoria Ordonez, Faiza Ansari, Thomas R. Everett, Claire Hordern, Lucy Mackillop, Victoria Stern, Tessa Bonnett, Alice Reid, Suzanne K. Wallace, Ebruba Oyekan, Hannah Douglas, Matthew Cauldwell, Maya Reddy, Kirsten PalmerMaggie Simpson, Janet Brennand, Laura Minns, Leisa Freeman, Sarah Murray, Nirmala Mary, James Castleman, Katie R. Morris, Elizabeth Haslett, Christopher Cassidy, Edward Johnstone, Jenny Myers

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

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