Qualitative research practices and critical political economy

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These crucial insights have informed much of my subsequent work. For instance, my chapter in Critical International Political Economy (2011), a volume I co-edited with Stuart Shields and Huw Macartney, made the case for going outside International Political Economy in order to return to it enriched by an engagement with broader currents in critical social theory. More generally, the insights I gathered during my doctoral studies pushed me to investigate literatures and debates on qualitative research practices. Nowadays, I frequently recommend the works I consulted to PhD students in IPE and other areas of political science who are facing issues similar to those I confronted over a decade ago. Three books, in particular, stand out from my time as a doctoral student: Steinar Kvale’s InterViews (1996), Fiona Devine and Sue Heath’s Sociological Research Methods in Context (1999) and Jane Ritchie and Jane Lewis’s Qualitative Research Practice volume (2003). In my view, these monographs are utterly essential for IPE scholars who wish to produce innovative work based on qualitative research rooted in post-positivist approaches. And they say nothing about political economy, which is probably a good thing!
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationCritical Methods in Political and Cultural Economy
EditorsJohnna Montgomerie
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Publication statusPublished - 2017


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