Rayleigh behaviour and the threshold field in ferroelectric ceramics

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    The threshold field, Et, values for various barium titanate and PZT-based ceramics have been determined by examination of the εr′-E0 relationships. The results obtained for both 'soft' and 'hard' PZT ceramics gave a good fit to the Rayleigh Law over a wide range of field amplitude for E0>Et. The linear increases in εr′ and εr″ as a function of field amplitude were attributed to a lossy ferroelectric domain wall translation mechanism, by analogy with similar behaviour in ferromagnetic materials. At high field levels approaching the coercive field, Ec, the measured εr′-E0 and εr″-E0 curves deviated from a linear relationship due to the onset of partial ferroelectric domain switching. Pure and Mn-doped barium titanate ceramics exhibited nonlinear εr′-E0 and εr″-E0 plots with a gradually increasing gradient. However, all of the materials studied yielded a linear εr′-εr″ relationship, from which a critical field for the initiation of ferroelectric domain switching, Esw, could be determined. © 1999 OPA (Overseas Publishers Association) N.V.
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    Issue number1-4
    Publication statusPublished - 1999


    • Domain switching
    • Ferroelectric ceramics
    • Rayleigh behaviour
    • Threshold field


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