Researching multilingually and the languaging of higher education

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Arising from AHRC-funded projects since 2011, this talk focuses on:

the opportunities for, and challenges regarding, research undertaken in several languages (termed 'researching multilingually' or 'linguistic diversity in/for research design/practice'); an

the policies and politics regarding the language(s) used for research and for higher education (termed the 'languaging of research/HE').

These foci are challenging for institutions like MIE where English is foregrounded in teaching, learning, and research, and yet many staff and students have multilingual resources, many researched contexts and phenomena are characterised by their linguistic diversity, and Manchester and its educational institutions are increasingly multilingual, as is the national context. The privileging of knowledge-work in dominant languages (e.g. English) may encourage epistemic injustice, the devaluing of knowledge formed and articulated through other languages. In the absence of coherent, fully-formed language policies, what are the implications for the ways in which research and HE practices are language?
Original languageEnglish
TypeResearching Matters Seminar
Media of outputOnline presentation
Publication statusPublished - 9 Nov 2022


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