Rising, Falling, Assembling: Pedagogy in British Archaeology


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This chapter critically outlines the development of pedagogy in archaeology in British Higher Education. In this context, heritage, following Smith’s (2006) definition of it as the cultural relevance and use of the past in the present, is largely taught under the umbrella of archaeology at the undergraduate level. Greater specialization takes place at master’s and doctoral levels, but in this chapter archaeology and heritage can be taken as largely interchangeable when understanding how these subjects are taught.Before we can examine the specifics of archaeological pedagogy, however, it is important to understand the fundamental bifurcation that characterizes British Higher Education
Original languageUndefined
Title of host publicationHistory and Approaches to Heritage Studies
EditorsPhyllis Mauch Messenger, Susan J. Bender
PublisherUniversity Press of Florida
Number of pages15
Publication statusPublished - 2019

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