Semantic-web access to patent annotations

Anna Gaulton, Lee Harland, Mark Davies, George Papadatos, Antonis Loizou, Nathan Dedman, Daniela Digles, Stian Soiland-Reyes, Valery Tkachenko, Stefan Senger, John P. Overington, Nick Lynch

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    SreChEMBL ( is a patent chemistry resource, originally a commercial product developed by SureChem/Digital Science, and recently made freely available at EMBL-EBI [1]. SureChEMBL uses a live and fully automated cloud-based pipeline that combines text-mining and chemistry tools to extract compounds named or depicted in patent documents and make them readily structure searchable by users. Over 50,000 new patent documents and 80,000 new compounds are entered into the system per month and new chemical annotations are usually available in the SureChEMBL interface within 1-7 days of the patent being released by the patent office. While the current SureChEMBL system addresses several chemistry use-cases, such as the identification of novel scaffolds and chemistry, there is an enormous amount of additional knowledge captured within the patent corpus. Much of this information will never be published elsewhere and may be of great value to the drug-discovery and broader life-science community. The Open PHACTS Discovery Platform is a semantic-web data integration platform, developed for the purpose of providing both the pharmaceutical industry and academic researchers with open access to interoperable drug discovery information [2, 3]. The platform currently includes data from a wide variety of public databases and provides API access to the integrated information. However, the further addition of biological and chemical patent information to the platform was considered to be of great potential utility.

    Original languageEnglish
    Number of pages2
    Publication statusPublished - 2015
    EventSWAT4LS International Conference: Semantic web applications and tools for life sciences - Riley Auditorium, Gillespie Center, Clare College, Cambridge, England
    Duration: 7 Dec 201510 Dec 2015


    ConferenceSWAT4LS International Conference: Semantic web applications and tools for life sciences
    CityRiley Auditorium, Gillespie Center, Clare College, Cambridge, England
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