Smart environments and systems for maintaining health and independent living: The FARSEEING and CuPiD projects

S. Mellone, A. Ferrari, C. Tacconi, E. Valtolina, R. Greenlaw, A. Nawaz, A. Bourke, P. Ferriol, E. Farella, L. Rocchi, H. Hawley-Hague, L. Chiari

Research output: Book/ReportBookpeer-review


Home Control and Automation systems are often modular and offer the flexibility and dependability to make life easier. Wearable sensor systems for health monitoring are an emerging trend and are expected to enable proactive personal health management. Using home-based technology and personal devices the aim is to motivate and support healthier lifestyle; this is a challenge which has been addressed in the framework of FARSEEING and CuPiD EU projects. Contrary to visions that consider home automation and personal health systems as a mean to replace or to simplify the subject control and actions, in the FARSEEING and CuPiD approach smartphones, wearable devices, and home based technology are used to stimulate the user by making life mentally and physically more challenging but without losing comfort.
Original languageUndefined
Publication statusPublished - 2015

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