Standards for Non-therapeutic Infant Male Circumcision in the Community

Paula J Whittaker, Helen J Gollins, Alan Dickson, Robert Postlethwaite, Zavid Chariwala

    Research output: Working paper


    PurposeTo produce a concise set of standards for good quality practice of non-therapeutic infant male circumcision in a community setting. Materials and MethodsAn expert panel reviewed a number sources including; existing guidelines for performing the procedure, evidence of good practice, evidence of current local provision, evidence of complications presenting to secondary care locally and from the literature, and issues of concern raised by parents, clinicians and safeguarding professionals. The panel consisted of: a Paediatric Urologist, Independent Safeguarding Children Board Chair, Director of Public Health, Consultant in Public Health, and a General Practitioner. Based on the evidence and their experience, the panel described the standards they would expect of a good quality provider performing non-therapeutic circumcision in a community clinic for boys under 12 months of age.ResultsThe panel has produced a set of 12 defined, measurable indicators that describe good quality practice for non-therapeutic infant male circumcision in the community setting. ConclusionsThe Greater Manchester Standards for infant male circumcision can be used by practitioners for self-assessment and audit purposes. The standards also allow assessment the quality of providers by parents, clinicians, public health and safeguarding professionals.
    Original languageEnglish
    Number of pages15
    Publication statusPublished - 2015


    • Male circumcision, Non-therapeutic circumcision, Quality assurance, Quality improvement, Safeguarding


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