SuperCLASS -- III. Weak lensing from radio and optical observations in Data Release 1

Ian Harrison, Michael L. Brown, Ben Tunbridge, Daniel B. Thomas, Tom Hillier, A. P. Thomson, Lee Whittaker, Filipe B. Abdalla, Richard A. Battye, Anna Bonaldi, Stefano Camera, Caitlin M. Casey, Constantinos Demetroullas, Christopher A. Hales, Neal J. Jackson, Scott T. Kay, Sinclaire M. Manning, Aaron Peters, Christopher J. Riseley, Robert A. Watson

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We describe the first results on weak gravitational lensing from the SuperCLASS survey: the first survey specifically designed to measure the weak lensing effect in radio-wavelength data, both alone and in cross-correlation with optical data. We analyse 1.53 square degrees of optical data from the Subaru telescope and 0.26 square degrees of radio data from the e-MERLIN and VLA telescopes (the DR1 data set). Using standard methodologies on the optical data only we make a significant (10 sigma) detection of the weak lensing signal (a shear power spectrum) due to the massive supercluster of galaxies in the targeted region. For the radio data we develop a new method to measure the shapes of galaxies from the interferometric data, and we construct a simulation pipeline to validate this method. We then apply this analysis to our radio observations, treating the e-MERLIN and VLA data independently. We achieve source densities of 0.5 per square arcmin in the VLA data and 0.06 per square arcmin in the e-MERLIN data, numbers which prove too small to allow a detection of a weak lensing signal in either the radio data alone or in cross-correlation with the optical data. Finally, we show preliminary results from a visibility-plane combination of the data from e-MERLIN and VLA which will be used for the forthcoming full SuperCLASS data release. This approach to data combination is expected to enhance both the number density of weak lensing sources available and the fidelity with which their shapes can be measured.
Original languageEnglish
Early online date2 Apr 2020
Publication statusPublished - Jun 2020


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