Temperature recorder comprising a liquid crystalline material

Stephen George Yeates (Other), Helen Frances Gleeson (Other), Ingo Dierking (Other), Paul Douglas Brimicombe (Other), Sarabjot Kaur (Other), Bruce Donald Grieve (Other), Neville Christopher Paul Woodyatt (Other), Jaroslaw Mariusz Wasikiewicz (Other), Michael Lewis Turner (Other)

    Research output: Patent


    A temp. recorder comprises a sensing cell which comprises a reactant mixt. The reactant mixt. comprises a liq. cryst. material, a reactive monomer, and an initiator configured to initiate crosslinking of the reactive monomer and thereby form a sensing material which provides a record of the temp. of the sensing cell when crosslinking occurs. The sensing material comprises a crosslinked network dispersed within the liq. cryst. material, the crosslinked network being formed from the reactive monomer. The sensing cell addnl. comprises first and second elec. conductive electrodes having a spaced relation there between and being connectable to an elec. property measuring device arranged to measure an elec. property of the sensing material.
    Original languageEnglish
    Patent numberWO 2012007347
    Publication statusPublished - 19 Jan 2012


    • liquid crystal, sensor, temperature, inkjet


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