The body in capitalist conditions of existence: a foundational approach

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'This chapter argues for the continued relevance of the natural body to analyses of the relationships between bodies and states. That is, human needs may well be elastic and prone to some manipulation, but the living, physical materiality of the human body cannot be neglected or ignored. In consequence, it is impossible to argue for the wholly open-ended and contingent nature of human existence: there is a clear directedness to the evolution of the societies in which we live (past, present or future), because of the corporeal foundations upon which such societies are built. To put it another way, there is nothing outside the thoughts we have about the world, but there are inevitable asymmetries, repetitions and tendencies within these thoughts towards our need for food, water, shelter and so on. This must be taken into account when considering the relationships between bodies and states.'
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EditorsAngus Cameron, Jen Dickinson, Nicola Smith
Place of PublicationFarnham, Surrey, England
Number of pages17
ISBN (Electronic)9781409424505 , 9781409474609, 9781283901925
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Publication statusPublished - 2013

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