The CARMA-NRO Orion Survey

Kong Shuo, et al, Rowan Smith

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    We present the first results from a new, high-resolution 12 CO(1-0), 13 CO(1-0), and C 18 O(1-0) molecular-line survey of the Orion A cloud, hereafter referred to as the CARMA-NRO Orion Survey. CARMA observations have been combined with single-dish data from the Nobeyama 45 m telescope to provide extended images at about 0.01 pc resolution, with a dynamic range of approximately 1200 in spatial scale. Here we describe the practical details of the data combination in uv space, including flux scale matching, the conversion of single-dish data to visibilities, and joint deconvolution of single-dish and interferometric data. A Δ-variance analysis indicates that no artifacts are caused by combining data from the two instruments. Initial analysis of the data cubes, including moment maps, average spectra, channel maps, position-velocity diagrams, excitation temperature, column density, and line ratio maps, provides evidence of complex and interesting structures such as filaments, bipolar outflows, shells, bubbles, and photo-eroded pillars. The implications for star formation processes are profound, and follow-up scientific studies by the CARMA-NRO Orion team are now underway. We plan to make all the data products described here generally accessible; some are already available at

    Original languageEnglish
    Article number25
    Issue number2
    Early online date17 May 2018
    Publication statusPublished - 2018


    • ISM: clouds
    • ISM: jets and outflows
    • ISM: kinematics and dynamics
    • ISM: structure
    • photondominated region (PDR)
    • stars: formation


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