The GNAT: a new tool for processing NMR data

Laura Castanar Acedo, Guilherme Dal Poggetto, Adam Colbourne, Gareth Morris, Mathias Nilsson

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    The GNAT (General NMR Analysis Toolbox) is a free and open-source software package for processing, visualizing and analysing NMR data. It supersedes the popular DOSY Toolbox, which has a narrower focus on diffusion NMR. Data import of most common formats from the major NMR platforms is supported, as well as a GNAT generic format. Key basic processing of NMR data (e.g. Fourier transformation, baseline correction, phasing) is catered for within the programme, as well as more advanced techniques (e.g. reference deconvolution, pure shift FID reconstruction). Analysis tools include DOSY and SCORE for diffusion data, ROSY T1/T2 estimation for relaxation data, and PARAFAC for multilinear analysis. The GNAT is written for the MATLAB® language and comes with a user-friendly graphical user interface. The standard version is intended to run with a MATLAB installation, but completely free-standing compiled versions for Windows, Mac, and Linux are also freely available.
    Original languageEnglish
    JournalMagnetic Resonance in Chemistry
    Early online date2 Feb 2018
    Publication statusPublished - 2018


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