Treatments and outcomes of peritoneal surface tumors through a centralized national service (United Kingdom)

Andrew Renehan, S. Rout, A. G. Renehan, M. F. Parkinson, M. P. Saunders, P. E. Fulford, M. S. Wilson, S. T. O'Dwyer

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    PURPOSE: Treatment of peritoneal surface malignancies with combined cytoreductive surgery and heated intraperitoneal chemotherapy may improve oncologic outcome. To better define treatment pathways, five-year results in patients referred to one of two centralized national treatment centers in the United Kingdom were analyzed. METHODS: A prospective database of patients referred to the Manchester Peritoneal Tumor Service, established in 2002, was analyzed. Outcomes were evaluated using Kaplan-Meier life tables and Cox models. RESULTS: Two hundred seventy-eight patients (median age, 56.9 (range, 16-86) years) were considered by a dedicated multidisciplinary team and tracked on seven clinical pathways. Among the 118 surgically treated, the most common diagnosis was pseudomyxoma peritonei (101 patients, 86%). Major complications occurred in 11 patients (9%); there was no 30-day mortality. Where complete cytoreduction was achieved, three-year and five-year tumor-related survival rates were 94% and 86%, respectively. In the Cox model, incompleteness of cytoreduction (P = 0.001) and high-grade tumor (P > 0.0001) were independent prognosticators of poor outcome. CONCLUSION: The establishment of a national treatment center has allowed refinement of techniques to achieve internationally recognized results. Having achieved low levels of morbidity and mortality in the treatment of mainly pseudomyxoma peritonei of appendiceal origin, the technique of cytoreductive surgery and heated intraperitoneal chemotherapy may be considered for peritoneal carcinomatosis of colorectal origin. © The ASCRS 2009.
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)1705-1714
    Number of pages9
    JournalDiseases of the Colon and Rectum
    Issue number10
    Publication statusPublished - Oct 2009


    • Heated intraperitoneal chemotherapy
    • Peritoneal surface tumor
    • Pseudomyxoma peritonei
    • Sugarbaker procedure


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