TSV-Based Hairpin Bandpass Filter for 6G Mobile Communication Applications

Fengjuan Wang, Lei Ke, Xiangkun Yin, Vasilis Pavlidis, Ningmei Yu, Yuan Yang

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Aimed at sixth-generation (6G) mobile communication applications, three fifth-order novel ultra-compact hairpin bandpass filter is proposed. Through-Silicon Via (TSV), a three-dimensional integration technology, is used to implement the arms of hairpin units, and some hairpin units consist of four arms. In this letter, the design method of the three proposed filters is introduced, and the filtering
characteristics are verified by HFSS, an industry-grade simulator based on finite element method. The results reveal that the three proposed filter has the center frequency of 0.405 THz, 0.3915 THz, and 0.3955 THz with bandwidth of 0.1 THz, 0.077 THz, and 0.063 THz and exhibits an insertion loss of 2.0 dB and return loss over 12.4 dB, 13.4 dB, and 14 dB. The size of the three proposed filters is both 0.284 × 0.0325 mm^2 (1.29 × 0.148 λg^2).
Original languageEnglish
JournalIEICE Electronics Express
Publication statusPublished - 10 Aug 2021


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