Water-based and Biocompatible 2D Crystal Inks for All-Inkjet Printed Heterostructures

Daryl Mcmanus, Sandra Vranic, Freddie Withers, Veronica Sanchez Romaguera, Massimo Macucci, Huafeng Yang, Roberto Sorrentino, Khaled Parvez, Seok-Kyun Son, Giuseppe Iannaccone, Kostas Kostarelos, Gianluca Fiori, Cinzia Casiraghi

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  • 2019

    Ink formulation

    Mcmanus, D., Casiraghi, C. & Jolly, A., 3 Dec 2019, United States Patent and Trademark Office, Patent No. US10494534B2, 24 Jul 2015, Priority date 24 Jul 2015, Priority No. GB1513100.6

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