Zero Energy Distributed Micro Pumped Hydro: Scottish Regional Appraisal - Final Report

Douglas Bertram, Nieradzinska Kamila , Andrew Muir, Euan Campbell, Ryan McHugh, Denis Arinabo

Research output: Contribution to conferencePaperpeer-review


The purpose of the ‘Scottish regional appraisal’ internal report prepared for Water Powered Technologies (WPT) as part of the Zero Energy Distributed Micro Pumped Hydro project (The Technology Strategy Board file reference 132394) aims to investigate the potential of large scale deployment of low-energy water pumping technology in Scotland. The potential deployment in the Scottish content of Venturo pumps which use kinetic energy of the flow with ‘zero-energy’ input from electrical energy to operate the pump is appraised in this report. This report is divided into three main parts. The first part of the report is focused on the “Application of the Venturo pump in rural industry: a case study of North East Scotland”, where the economic, social and environmental visibility of Venturo pump is assessed. It investigates the agricultural, food and drink industries, including breweries and distilleries businesses in order to provide the best guidelines for the use of ‘zero-energy’ pump in rural industry. Avenues of further investigation are highlighted. The second part of this report investigates the “Scottish financial framework” that looks at both opportunities and financial encouragements in Scotland potentially supporting WPT products. This section focuses on the energy-saving potential of the Papa/Venturo pump and energy generation, storage and load-balancing incentives. While the third part is a continuation of the financial framework, it primarily looks at Feed in Tariffs schemes (FiTs) for hydro generation. It reviews the principles and impacts of the FiT schemes and investigates four sites with hydropower potential which are downgraded due to different FiT bands and higher financial benefits. The difference in energy output between the unrestricted schemes and the restricted schemes can be considered as a loss of potential energy. There opportunities for Zero-energy pumps to exploit these gaps The last part of this report investigates the “Social Impact Assessment (SIA)” for ‘zero-energy’ water pump integration into water and utility facilities. It provides the pros and cons of SIA in the project development. The regulatory framework for Scotland, wider UK, Scandinavia, Ireland, Europe and Uganda have been discussed in this report.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 15 Oct 2017


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