6DoF Mouse Integration for Scientific and Medical Visualisation

Student thesis: Master of Philosophy


With advances in medical imaging over the years, medical diagnosis, especially X-ray based examinations and ultrasonography, have become increasingly reliant on a range of 3D digital imaging data systems for navigation, reference, diagnosis and documentation. Medical imaging, used in the field of Scientific Visualisation (SV), is used to explore results and extract meaning from complex multi-dimensional visual representations of the interior of a human body for clinical analysis and medical intervention. The implication of this is that an effective and intuitive input device is needed that allows the information entered into the computer can be encompassed to different imaging modalities and processes for diagnostic and treatment purposes. Traditional input devices such as the computer mouse are limited to explore these data sets, creating difficulties and inefficiencies, which in turn can entail potential medical complications as, in public health and preventive medicine as well as in both curative and palliative care, effective decisions depend on correct diagnoses. Therefore, using this principle this work investigates human-computer interactions in relation to a specific Six Degree of Freedom (6DoF) input device called the Wing and reports the results of a brief satisfaction questionnaire to analyse the effectiveness and intuitiveness of this device in 3D visualisation volume software for SV and medical imaging, the mental processes involved in performing control actions on this device and the effect of proprioception of the test users. Finally, it concludes with a discussion of the evolution of the Wing based on the results and new possibilities for 3D interactions in other fields.
Date of Award1 Aug 2016
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • The University of Manchester
SupervisorDavid Morris (Supervisor) & Martin Turner (Supervisor)


  • Virtual Reality
  • 6DoF
  • Medical Imaging
  • Visualisation Volume Software
  • Degrees of Freedom
  • 3D Volumetric Visualisation
  • Input Devices
  • Scientific Visualisation

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