Action Case for Information Systems Research Development in Malaysia

  • Zamhar Iswandono Bin Awang Ismail

Student thesis: Phd


This PhD attempts to study and learn about issues that influence Information Systems research development in Malaysia. An Action Case was conducted to learn about how to improve research in the author's institution in Malaysia. The action case included participatory activities to promote qualitative research in the author's institution and collecting information from qualitative interviews and discussions. This thesis is presented as a story from a first-person perspective and narrative of the researcher. The first person perspective was chosen because the author wanted to present his work from the his own perspective and for the reader to follow the research experience itself. The narrative also fits into many of the discussions in the thesis for action-based methods placing the researcher as the research tool and that the researcher is the 'hero' of the research story. This also ties into one of the main aspects of the thesis which is actuality. To improve IS research in Malaysia, those who conduct and administer research need to understand each other's actuality. The thesis suggests due to Malaysia's academic culture there are misunderstandings that cause IS research to be left behind in terms of research support. Despite the contextual difference of views among researchers and administrators, there are patterns of similarities that can be taken from government policies and university policies. The thesis proposes that by increasing understanding using these patterns and actuality, Malaysian IS research can be improved and developed further. The thesis proposes more Action Research in the future to improve this understanding. This thesis contributes by proposing theoretical aspects that discuss the issues related to IS research improvement. This thesis proposes the action case method as an approach for Malaysian-based IS research. And this thesis along with the author attempts to make a positive difference in improving IS research in the author's institution specifically, and Malaysia in general.
Date of Award1 Aug 2012
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • The University of Manchester
SupervisorA Wood-Harper (Supervisor)


  • Action Case Methodology
  • Information Systems Research in Malaysia

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