An Investigation into the Relationship between Anger and Suicidality

  • Naomi Humber

Student thesis: Doctor of Clinical Psychology


Background: Paper I [literature review] Anger is reported to be an important factor in suicidality yet there is no review in this area of research. Paper II [research study] Anger and suicidality are found in exaggerated levels in the prisoner population and their association required investigation using a novel and ecologically valid methodology.Aims: Paper I [literature review] To review studies which have investigated the relationship between anger and suicidality. Paper II [research study] To examine the relationship between anger and suicicidality in a sample of male prisoners. Paper III [critical review and appraisal] To critically review and appraise Papers I and II as well as the research processes involved.Methods: Paper I systematically reviewed 48 studies of anger and suicidality over a 20-year period. Paper II conducted an ecological momentary assessment study using multi-level modelling analysis to investigate anger and suicidality in a sample of adult male prisoners. Results: Paper I found preliminary evidence for a relationship between anger and suicidality which identified that the area required more empirically rigorous investigation, particularly using novel, ecologically valid methodology. In a sample of adult male prisoners, Paper II demonstrated that anger was temporally associated with suicidal ideation and related concepts. Anger was concurrently associated with suicidal ideation, when controlling for depression and hopelessness.Conclusions: Paper I indicated the potential relationship between anger and suicidality in clinical and non-clinical populations. Paper II revealed strong evidence of an association between concurrent anger and suicidality in adult male prisoners using ecologically valid assessment methods. Paper III examined the relevance of Papers I and II, in their independent additions to the empirical literature as to the relation between anger and suicidality.
Date of Award31 Dec 2012
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • The University of Manchester
SupervisorDaniel Pratt (Supervisor)


  • prisoner
  • ecological momentary assessment
  • anger
  • suicidality

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