An investigation into the tensile behaviour of self-bonded cellulosic fibre networks

  • Merve Engin

Student thesis: Phd


The overriding purposes of this study were to determine the grammage dependency of structural and tensile characteristics of paper and to estimate the shear bond strength per unit area of paper. To accomplish these goals, an investigation into the close relationship between structural and mechanical characteristics of self-bonded fibre networks were carried out. The microstructure parameters of handsheets were evaluated by conducting X-ray tomography experiments. Particularly, the relationship between thickness and grammage of handsheets was further examined. The test results provided that porosity is a grammage-dependent structural parameter. The porosity profile and pore height distributions of handsheets were analysed by this approach. In addition, the effect of surface regions was discussed within this context. These results indicated that the role of the surface pore loses its importance along the thickness (z) direction of paper as the paper grammage is increased. The tensile results verified that at a constant density, the mechanism of a sheet failure does indeed depend on sheet grammage. A wide range of relative bonded areas (RBA) was investigated including the critical relative bonded area (RBAcr). New estimations of critical bonding degree (CDB) were provided by failure transitions. The factors affecting this failure transition were presented in this thesis. These failure mechanisms within paper network were identified and analysed by high-speed video techniques.
Date of Award31 Dec 2017
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • The University of Manchester
SupervisorWilliam Sampson (Supervisor) & Hugh Gong (Supervisor)


  • structural properties
  • shear bond strength per unit area
  • porosity profile
  • grammage dependency
  • fibre network
  • tensile properties

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