Analysis of solar energy production, utilisation and management for facilitating sustainable development in and around the deserts of Pakistan

  • Sadiq Shah

Student thesis: Phd


The problems of lack of potable water, food and electrical power in and around the desert environment are analysed and their solutions based on the utilisation of indigenous renewable energy resources are evaluated in the current research. Self-contained, decentralised solar energy powered processes are devised in the research results as means to attain the objectives of supplying electrical power, potable water and food to the communities living in the deserts in environmentally sustainable manner. Needs analysis of desert community, a questionnaire survey, desert energy model utilisation scenarios, solar potential assessment and environmental emissions reduction strategy are used as means of analysis in the current research. A potential assessment of a desert site Islamkot, at Thar is carried out to demonstrate the capability of available solar potential to meet the energy needs of underground pumping, desalination of aquifer water potable water, cultivation of wheat, rice and pulses and domestic power consumption. The needs analysis estimates the amounts of electrical power needs of potable water desalination, agricultural commodities cultivation and electrical power needs per person per day, which can be scale up for any number of communities living in and around the deserts.The results reveals that indigenous solar potential capability can be used to produce the required amounts of electrical power to meet the water, wheat, rice, pulses, electrical power, drinking, non-drinking and cultivation water needs of the desert communities in environmentally sustainable manner. The research results are practicable and can be implemented to meet the energy needs of isolated communities living in and around the deserts in the long run. However, sustainable efforts would be required to encourage stakeholders to initiate a process of small, medium and large scale solar power utilization in and around the deserts.
Date of Award31 Dec 2012
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • The University of Manchester
SupervisorRodger Edwards (Supervisor)


  • Solar energy production, utiltisation and management
  • Sustainable development in and around the desert araes of Pakistan

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