Behaviour of ferrocement columns under static and cyclic loading

  • Jianqi Wang

Student thesis: Phd


This thesis presents the results of an experimental, numerical and analytical study to develop a design method for ferrocement columns and reinforced concrete columns strengthened using ferrocement jackets. Two groups tests were conducted, comprising five static loading tests and three cyclic load tests. The static tests had one reinforced concrete column, two ferrocement columns and two strengthened reinforced concrete columns. The cyclic loading tests were conducted on one reinforced concrete column and two ferrocement columns. For both sets of tests, the loading applications included two steps, first axial load and then lateral load.The experimental data were used for validation of the finite element models that were developed using the ABAQUS software package. The validated models were used as part of a comprehensive parametric study to investigate the effects of a number of design parameters including the effects of material strength, reinforcement geometry and arrangement, and the influence of the axial load.The main conclusions from the experiments and the parametric studies were that the number of layers of mesh in the ferrocement has a significant effect on the peak lateral load capacity of a column and ferrocement can be used as a strengthening or retrofitting material. Based on the results from the experimental and numerical studies, it was observed that the existing design methods significantly underestimate the peak lateral load capacity. It is found that the ACI design guideline for ferrocement columns is conservative because the transverse wires in the ferro-mesh provide confinement. The ferro-mesh transverse direction has very fine wire as confinement. Therefore, ferrocement has a high potential for use as a repair/strengthening material. The detailed parametric study data was condensed into a dimensionless interaction diagrams that can be used for the design of new ferrocement columns as well as strengthening of reinforced concrete columns using ferrocement jackets.
Date of Award1 Aug 2014
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • The University of Manchester
SupervisorParthasarathi Mandal (Supervisor) & Paul Nedwell (Supervisor)

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