Contextualising Diversity Management: A practice by MNCs towards National Development in Nigeria

  • Loliya Akobo

Student thesis: Phd


Studies have acknowledged various conceptualisations of diversity management. These studies have also provided guidance for better and effective ways for managing diversity at the organisational, national and global levels. Nonetheless, it has been argued that focus on conceptualising diversity management has mainly been within the context of the Global North: reflecting mainly Anglo-centric and neo liberal structuring. As a result, this has limited the growth of management styles in Africa. To this effect, this research explores the nature and concept of diversity in Nigeria; it examines diversity management approaches by Shell and General Electric (GE) subsidiaries in Nigeria, and evaluates the broader role of these diversity management practices in contributing to the National Development Plans in Nigeria. Though starting from an Anglo-centric and neo liberal position, I go beyond this structuring as I critically examine the diversity management practices from a Nigerian context and by conducting interviews about the significance of these practices in Nigeria. This research adopts a feminist lens that gives voice and unveils power relations. In addition, I draw on four Western diversity frameworks, including Cox Taylor organisational types and dimensions, Ely and Thomas model of diversity, relational framework by Syed and Ozbilgin and intersectionality theory. These frameworks and approaches analyse the implication of diversity management within these MNC systems in Nigeria as they promote social equality and foster development. In addition, evaluating the broader roles of these MNCs in contributing to national development planning emphasises the need for incorporating diversity management in human resource development theorizing
Date of Award1 Aug 2015
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • The University of Manchester
SupervisorBeverly Metcalfe (Supervisor) & Sharon Morgan (Supervisor)


  • Diversity Management, Nigeria, National Development, HRD

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