Experiences of mental health services in the BME community and distress in clinical and Evangelical voice-hearers.

  • Jennie Davies

Student thesis: Doctor of Clinical Psychology


This thesis explores mental health and mental health care in Black and minority ethnicity (BME) people in the UK. Paper one presents a systematic review of the literature on the experience of BME mental health service users and carers in the UK. There is evidence that BME mental health service users recieve a lower standard of care, and that cultural needs are not met by mainstream services. This paper synthesises available qualitative studies on the experience of BME mental health service users and carers in the UK, to understand what is perceived as positive or negative about services. Six themes were identified. Two global themes: power dynamics and respect. Four organising themes, representing care needs: communication; choice and collaboration; being acknowledged and understood; and culturally competent care. Recommendations for services are outlined. Paper two presents an empirical study which explored potential predictors of distress in a group of 14 clinical and 16 Evangelical Black-African and Black-Caribbean voice-hearers. To date no research has specifically examined the voice-hearing experience of these groups of people. Significant differences were found between clinical and Evangelical voice-hearers on distress, pleasantness, malevolence, benevolence and goal facilitation and interference. No significant differences were found between ratings of omnipotence, perception of voice rank or experience of microaggressions. This research provides an insight into the experience of Black-African and Black-Caribbean voice-hearers from clinical and Evangelical groups. Findings from previous research were only partially replicated, highlighting the importance of considering context to voice-hearing. Paper three is a reflective report of the research process, including difficulties faced and a critical reflection on certain aspects of the research undertaken.
Date of Award1 Aug 2019
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • The University of Manchester
SupervisorWarren Mansell (Supervisor), Dawn Edge (Supervisor) & Filippo Varese (Supervisor)

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