Exploring the relationship between the Social Network Profile of S&P1500 Firms and their Environmental and Financial Profiles

  • Azar Shahgholian

Student thesis: Phd


The purpose of this thesis is to enhance our understanding of the relationship between the social network profile of S&P1500 firms and their environmental and financial profiles. The three dimensions of this research are social network profile, financial profile and environmental profile, which are becoming increasingly interlinked. The nature of this research is multidisciplinary and still in its early stages. The existing studies focus mainly on two streams of research, the first of which explores the relationship between firms' environmental and financial profiles, which reveals contradictory results. The second research stream investigates the impact of the social networks between directors on the firms' financial profiles. This thesis is submitted in an alternative format and includes four journal papers, which are interrelated in addressing the purpose of this thesis.First, it is essential to provide effective reviews to create a foundation for developing knowledge in this field of research and to explore the area in which more research is required. Therefore, the first two papers attempt to review systematically the existing research streams, namely: (i) the impact of social network profile on financial profile; and (ii) the relationship between environmental profile and financial profile. Second, the review of the impact of social network profile on financial profile reveals the need to investigate social networks in the organisations from a social network theory perspective. Therefore, the third paper uses quantitative method to provide a concrete definition of social networks and social network centrality metrics in the context of organisations. In addition, a clear process for extracting social networks at both director and board levels from the directors' information repository is defined.Third, through the fourth paper, this thesis explores the impact of the board's roles on environmental governance as an essential component of environmental profile. This paper uses a combination of qualitative and quantitative evaluation. The roles of the board of directors in relation to environmental profile are twofold, namely board monitoring and board resource provision. In this work, the board's social network is examined as a board resource-provision role.
Date of Award1 Aug 2016
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • The University of Manchester
SupervisorBabis Theodoulidis (Supervisor) & Nadia Papamichail (Supervisor)


  • Financial Profile, Environmental Profile
  • Social Network of S&P 1500 companies, Data Mining, Text Mining,

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