• Nafel Alotaibi

Student thesis: Phd


The current and future demand for wireless technology is increasing rapidlyin the era of Internet-of-things, information-shower, auto-drive vehicles andthe fifth generation of mobile communications. The flourishing in wirelesstechnologies comes from their advantages such as mobility, flexibility, easy toextend, easy to install and easy to do the maintenance. However, the wirelesstechnology is suffering from many problems such as; lack of security andthe shortage of spectrum bands. The security remains a major challenge forthe wireless communications because of the broadcasting nature of wirelesssignals and massive researches have been conducted to deal with it. Beamformingis one of the physical layer security solutions that is proposed toimprove the security by focusing the majority of the transmitted power towardthe legitimate destination. The main concern about the beamformingtechnique is the relatively small amount of power that escapes from the sidelobes where any illegal user equipped with a sufficiently sensitive receivercan detect its information. The literature has been received many differentsolutions to secure the side lobes emissions. These solutions suffer from fourcommon limitations; 1) the need to modulate the signal at the antenna level,2) the data rates are restricted by the switching speed, 3) they can not easily beintegrated with the current infrastructure, and 4) they work only with phasemodulation. In this thesis, a new, simple, economic, easy to get integratedwith current phased array systems and effective solution has been proposedand analytically analysed under different circumstances, including noiseless,noisy and Rician fading channels and the effect of phase shift errors. The secondproblem addressed in this thesis is the poor spectral efficiency of spaceshift keying modulation. This thesis proposes a new physical layer directcode to improve the spectral efficiency of space shift keying modulation byexploiting the indices of both active and inactive transmitting antennas.
Date of Award1 Aug 2016
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • The University of Manchester
SupervisorKhairi Hamdi (Supervisor) & Emad Alsusa (Supervisor)


  • physical layer security
  • spectral efficiency
  • phased antenna array
  • wireless communications

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