Portfolio of Original Compositions

  • Maria Palapanidou

Student thesis: Phd


Exploring musical structure through three-dimensional visualisation The main purpose of this PhD has been: to explore how multidimensional visualisations of musical parameters can inform a distinctive approach to composition. to balance pre-determined decisions with others taken intuitively and/or with the existence of extra-musical narratives within the music. The portfolio includes six original compositions, as listed below: Within the curves (string quartet) Complexity (solo A clarinet) The in-between (piano solo) Grieving (for 10 performers) a-mazed (graphic animated piece for santoor and flute) Synesthesia (violin, saxophone, trumpet, visual artist) In this work an architectonic software (SketchUp) was used to create three-dimensional visualisations, which served as a guide to control the interaction of musical parameters to create musical structure. Within the curves and Complexity are abstract pieces that use this approach as a primary focus of the piece. Synesthesia and a-mazed built on the idea of visualising musical structure in ways that prioritise performer freedoms . Regarding The in-between and Grieving, my methodology was applied for the creation of programmatic work, exploring the stages and characteristics of mental health conditions. Such characteristics play an important role in deciding the musical structure of each of the two pieces.
Date of Award31 Dec 2022
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • The University of Manchester
SupervisorKevin Maloney (Supervisor) & Richard Whalley (Supervisor)

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