• Xue Yang

Student thesis: Phd


With the increasing demand for electrical power and the growing need for the restructuring of the power industry, electric power systems have become highly complex with inherent complicated dynamics. Therefore, the study of power system stability has continued to receive significant attention from both academic researchers and industrial practitioners. This thesis focuses on supervisory wide-area control for rotor angle stability of multi-machine power systems using Linear Quadratic Gaussian/Loop Transfer Recovery (LQG/LTR) control theory with guaranteed robustness. The supervisory controllers are developed in both continuous-time and discrete-time framework and their performances and robustness are assessed using both frequency-domain tools, and time-domain simulation results. The impact of the communication time-delays that commonly exist in wide-area power system control on the performance and robustness of the closed-loop system is investigated. In particular, different methods of incorporating such time-delays into the design of the supervisory LQG controller are considered. This thesis proposes a modified supervisory LQG controller that utilizes the Extended Kalman Filter to estimate the unknown/varying time-delays. Simulation results obtained using numerical examples involving non-linear power system models demonstrate the benefits of the proposed scheme for both time-invariant and time-varying delays. The resulting supervisory control scheme is well suited for maintaining power system stability in the presence of communication time-delays.
Date of Award1 Aug 2012
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • The University of Manchester
SupervisorOgnjen Marjanovic (Supervisor)


  • LQG/LTR, supervisory control, wide-area measurement system, time-delay

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