Teacher Cognition and the Use of Technology in Teaching Arabic to Speakers of Other Languages

  • Mariam Attia

Student thesis: Phd


This study investigates teacher cognition and technology use within a context of teaching Arabic to speakers of other languages. Specifically, teacher cognition is examined in relation to early learning experiences, teacher education, classroom practice, and work environment. Following a case study approach, three in-service teachers have been selected to represent different perspectives on using Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in language instruction. Findings suggest that teachers' cognitions about teaching and learning, and about themselves as Arabic language professionals, shape technology use, determine reactions to perceived challenges, and illuminate differences between practitioners working within the same environment with regard to the integration of ICT into their practice. The research suggests that despite the absence of digital learning opportunities in early schooling and teacher education, these experiences still influence the choice of instructional strategies employed by teachers to support technology use. The study accentuates the role of context as a mediating force, supporting teacher cognition and ICT use, but also creating dissonance between them. Teacher cognition determines the weight that practitioners assign to different contextual factors. While lack of time is identified as the most significant barrier to adoption, peer collaboration is recognized as the most effective enabler for technology integration. Other key factors emerging in this study include institutional philosophy and policy, learning opportunities, and technical support. Conceptual, methodological, and professional contributions are addressed, and potential for further research is identified.
Date of Award1 Aug 2011
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • The University of Manchester
SupervisorDiane Slaouti (Supervisor) & Julian Edge (Supervisor)


  • teacher cognition - pedagogical beliefs - teacher professional development - langauge teacher education - Arabic language - TASOL - TAFL - technology integration - CALL - ICT

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