The Effect of Individual-Focused Transformational Leadership on Employee Voice in Chinese Organisations

  • Cong Pan

Student thesis: Doctor of Business Administration


Employees' voice behaviours make active contributions to personal development and organisational functioning. The purposes of this thesis are to investigate how individual-focused transformational leadership influences employees' voice and deepens the understanding of the underlying mechanisms in the Chinese context. A mixed-methods study was employed. The quantitative research involved a survey that was used to exam the relationship between individual-focused transformational leadership and voice behaviour and to identify possible variables affecting the relationship. Data were collected from 74 workgroups consisting of 74 group leaders and 294 subordinates. A qualitative research method was also used to shed further light on how leaders' behaviours influence employees' voice in the Chinese context. Twenty-five respondents participated in semi-structured interviews. The results suggested that both leader-member exchange (LMX) and organisation-based self-esteem (OBSE) play mediating roles explaining the relationship between individual-focused transformational leadership and employees' voice behaviours. The theoretical and managerial implications of the study are summarised and the limitations and directions for future research are described.
Date of Award1 Aug 2022
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • The University of Manchester
SupervisorKhaleel Malik (Supervisor)


  • Differentiated Individual-Focused Transformational Leadership
  • Organisation-based Self-esteem
  • Proactive Personality
  • Employee Voice
  • Individual-Focused Transformational Leadership
  • Leader-Member Exchange

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