The Emotional and Behavioural Implications of Mobile Commerce Design

  • Victoria Magrath

Student thesis: Phd


The purpose of this thesis is to analyse the implications of mobile commerce designvariables on the consumer's emotional and behavioural responses. With mobile and tablet commerce becoming as popular as desktop usage, fashion retailers must ensure that they have designed a mobile channel that will produce the most positive responses. The objective of the research was to therefore study the individual stimuli in the mobile environment and to investigate their effect upon the mobile consumer.The thesis primarily collates and identifies branding and marketing design stimuli within the mobile commerce environment. These design stimuli are subsequently tested as variables within two qualitative methods and provide insight into the implications of the individual stimuli. The research findings are vast and provide information as to emotional and cognitive responses towards the stimuli, behavioural responses and the connection between the two. Key findings are displayed within matrix tables, cluster diagrams and S-O-R models, offering a simplified results format for both academics and practitioners.This study is one of the first to research the design of the mobile commerce environment. Whilst research regarding mobile banking, mobile acceptance and mobile usage motivations have been briefly explored in literature, there are currently no studies that have examined the design of mobile commerce channels and consumer responses. Furthermore, although literature regarding the design of the online environment is profuse, the novelty of the mobile channel has rendered research deficient and emergent. It is at this time that research regarding the mobile environment is at the most lucrative. This body of work therefore offers original insightContents Page |11and important findings for academic and practical applications regarding the design of mobile fashion channels.
Date of Award31 Dec 2014
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • The University of Manchester
SupervisorHelen Mccormick (Supervisor)


  • Branding Design
  • Marketing Design
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Fashion

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